Why We Exist

At the heart of our culture, is a belief that every ingredient fulfils a distinct possibility and we understand that possibility is distinct to each company for each project at any given point of time and changes, consistently. While the ingredient could be same, it fulfils on a different possibility for each company depending on the launch time, maturity cycle, market, availability, competition level, available opportunity, inventory level etc.

We understand the consistently evolving nature of the possibility of an ingredient, it’slistening for and consistently fulfilling those ever changing possibilities that we do best. That being said, The only constant possibility in the global generic marketplace, is the promise to be continually competitive.

The core of every generic pharmaceutical company is based on this promise, which always keeps alive the possibility of having a better priced product of equivalent or better quality than those on the market. We firmly believe in the promise of generics and stand for the possibility of affordable and accessible quality healthcare for everyone.

How Do We Do It

We are in the business of consistently anticipating & understanding the possibility of each partner and each individual project at a particular point in time and creating solutions that fulfils on those possibilities.

We also look at the way things are and create possibility, where none exists before, we do this by challenging the status quo and by looking at things less the way the are, and more the way they can be. This can only be done through consistently sourcing ingredients for value and making available this choice to our clients,its what we call the value experience.

Our transparent approach, clear understanding and firm stand for integrity and value, have afforded us a wide network, strong friendships and enabled a long and varied experience in the global API Industry.
Our strong global trade data analytics, In-depth knowledge & efficient local networks enable us to ensure value creation, possibility fulfilment and consistent efficient pricing to fulfil the promise of each generic company .

What We Do

We serve world class generic pharmaceutical producers globally, to source APIs, that are important to them. We partner with high quality multinational API producers to fulfil the possibilities of our clients, and fulfil possibilities of our producers of generating market share and quality clientele for their product.

Ensuring Transparent relationships between the manufacturers and our clients, is of utmost importance to delivering a value experience, and promotes efficient and trusting collaborations in dealing with every situation and project. Over 17 years of possibility fulfilment through procurement management , highly efficient market intelligence and constant relation building have established

Chemillennium as one of the most successful API sourcing companies globally.